Plant Profiles

985 Plant Species
The most microscopic portions of plants are beautiful in themselves, and these are beautiful combined.

John Muir (1838-1914)

These plant profiles showcase Florida’s native species, many of which are now endangered or threatened. A few exotics are included as well so that you can learn to identify them and be aware of the adverse effects they have on our native plants.

Featured Flora



Silky Camelia Flower

Endangered and Threatened Species

We should support the preservation and conservation of native habitats. With vigilance, we can insure that future generations will continue to have the opportunity to experience some of Florida’s rare flora that has existed prior to our births.



Each butterfly caterpillar species feeds only on certain plant species which are known as host plants.

Discover which plants provide food for our butterfly caterpillars.

Exotic and Invasive Plants

Sadly, Florida’s 3317 native plant species are being overtaken by exotic species. As of 2023, Florida had at least 1560 exotic plant species. That is almost half of the number of Florida’s native species!