Wildflowers of Tennessee by Jack B. Carman

Wildflowers of Tennessee

In his book Wildflowers of Tennessee, author Jack B. Carman describes over 1100 of the 2800 species of wildflowers from Tennessee as well as actually covering many more that are found in the surrounding states. He divides Tennessee into nine areas from the coastal plain to the Blue Ridge mountains.

Plants are arranged in phylogenetic order and the species within each genus are arranged alphabetically. Identifications are made easier by the outstanding photographs of 785 species that clearly show the plants' major characteristics. Each description is non-technical and includes the species name and derivation mostly from the Greek and Latin. Each book is supplied with its own plastic cover.

It is a pleasure to find such a book of southern wildflowers that can be utilized for identification even in states as far south as Florida.

Wildflowers of Tennessee

Jack B.Carman
Highland Rim Press
ISBN: 0970841809

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