Wildflowers of Georgia by Hugh and Carol Nourse

Wildflowers of Georgia

Having made my first trek to the mountains of Georgia in the springtime of 2000, I understood why the authors enjoyed the eight years that they photographed Georgia’s splendid wildflowers.

They divide the coverage of this large-format volume into four regions of the state from the coastal plain to the Blue Ridge mountains. Within each region, physiographic characteristics and floral diversity are emphasized. Photographs of 85 plants and habitats are intertwined with these discussions. The authors discuss parks, trails, and areas where one can enjoy numerous wildflower species during their blooming season.

This book is not a systematic treatment with taxonomic keys and illustrations. For those interested in such treatments, there is a reference book list at the end of the book. It is a wonderful guide to the true beauty conveyed by wildflowers. Each of us must do our part to inspire others to help protect the wildflowers of Georgia and elsewhere, especially those endangered by loss of habitat. I think the Nourses have succeeded in inspiring readers of this book to become more aware of Georgia’s natural heritage. Let us hope that each of us can strive to preserve this state’s disappearing wildlands.

Wildflowers of Georgia

HughNourse, CarolNourse
University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820321790

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