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  1. Mating Barred Yellows

    Eurema daira

  2. Cabbage White Butterfly

    Pieris rapae

  3. Checkered White

    Pontia protodice

  4. Dainty Sulphur

    Nathalis iole

  5. Female Dina Yellow

    Pyrisitia dina

  6. Female Cloudless Sulphur

    Phoebis sennae

  7. Florida White

    Appias drusilla

  8. Female Great Southern White

    Ascia monuste

  9. Great Southern White

    Ascia monuste

  10. Little Yellow

    Pyrisitia lisa

  11. Cloudless Sulphurs

    Phoebis sennae
    This is a mating pair.

  12. Orange-barred Sulphur

    Phoebis philea

  13. Orange-barred Sulphur

    Phoebis philea

  14. Sleepy Orange

    Abaeis nicippe
    This is the winter form.

  15. Sleepy Orange

    Abaeis nicippe
    This Sleepy Orange is nectaring on a yellow variety of Mexican milkweed Asclepias curassavica This is the summer form.

  16. Southern Dogface

    Zerene cesonia
    You can clearly see the "dog face" on the open wings.

  17. Southern Dogface

    Zerene cesonia
    This butterfly is named after the outline of "Fido" on its wings.