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  1. Purple Silkyscale

    Anthaenantia rufa

  2. Toothachegrass

    Ctenium aromaticum
    As Tooachegrass dries out, its seedhead forms a spiral.

  3. Toothachegrass

    Ctenium aromaticum
    Toothachegrass is so named because chewing on the plant's root makes your gums feel numb.

  4. Toothachegrass

    Ctenium aromaticum

  5. Florida Toothachegrass

    Ctenium floridanum

  6. Cogongrass

    Imperata cylindrica

  7. Muhly Grass

    Muhlenbergia sp.

  8. Florida Paspalum

    Paspalum floridanum

  9. Lopsided Indiangrass

    Sorghastrum secundum

  10. Fakahatchee Grass

    Tripsacum dactyloides

  11. Fakahatchee Grass

    Tripsacum dactyloides

  12. Seaoats

    Uniola paniculata

  13. Wiregrass and Blazing Stars

    Wildflowers (Liatris sp.) and grasses (Aristida stricta) are most spectacular after a fire. This photo was taken in late September after this private property was burned in June.