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  1. Alabama Croton

    Croton alabamensis

  2. Tungoil Tree

    Aleurites fordii

  3. Wedge Sandmat

    Chamaesyce deltoidea ssp. deltoidea
    Notice the limestone in which it is growing, an indicator of the rocky pinelands habitat of Dade and Monroe counties to which it is restricted.

  4. Graceful Sandmat

    Chamaesyce hypericifolia

  5. Michaux's Croton

    Croton michauxii

  6. Michaux's Croton

    Croton michauxii

  7. Gulf Sebastian-bush

    Ditrysinia fruticosa

  8. Tinted Woodland Spurge

    Euphorbia commutata

  9. Telephus Spurge

    Euphorbia telephioides

  10. Telephus Spurge

    Euphorbia telephioides

  11. Telephus Spurge

    Euphorbia telephioides

  12. Water Toothleaf

    Stillingia aquatica

  13. Queen's Delight

    Stillingia sylvatica

  14. Heartleaf Noseburn

    Tragia cordata

  15. Heartleaf Noseburn

    Tragia cordata

  16. Popcorntree

    Triadica sebifera

  17. Popcorntree

    Triadica sebifera