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  1. Pagoda Dogwood

    Cornus alternifolia

  2. Flowering Dogwood Flowers

    Cornus florida

  3. Flowering Dogwood Berries

    Cornus florida

  4. Flowering Dogwood

    Cornus florida
    The white petals of the dogwood "flower" are actually bracts that surround the real flowers which are located in the green center.

  5. Swamp Dogwood

    Cornus foemina

  6. Ogeechee Tupelo Fruits

    Nyssa ogeche

  7. Ogeechee Tupelo

    Nyssa ogeche
    The Ogeechee Tupelo is also called Ogeechee Lime because its fruits have a tart but pleasing taste of lime. For whatever reason, the common name is spelled with double 'e's while the Latin name has single 'e's.

  8. Swamp Tupelo

    Nyssa sylvatica var. biflora

  9. Blackgum Fruits

    Nyssa sylvatica