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  1. Saddleback Caterpillar

    Acharia stimulea
    This caterpillar has stinging hairs that are to be avoided.

  2. Long-winged Dagger Moth Caterpillar

    Acronicta longa

  3. Triton Dagger Moth Caterpillar

    Acronicta tritona

  4. Luna Moth Eye

    Actias luna
    This is a closeup of the eyepot found near the leading edge of each of the luna moth's wings. They may startle birds or direct them to peck at a less vulnerable part of its body.

  5. Luna Moth Eyes

    Actias luna
    The eyespots and folded wings of this luna moth look like a face to me when viewed this way. The leading edge of the wings are actually at the bottom of the image.

  6. Luna Moth

    Actias luna
    I have lots of photos of Luna Moths, but the silhouette of this newly emerged Luna Moth was irresistible.

  7. Luna Moths

    Actias luna
    These two luna moths on an oak tree had just emerged in March, the first brood of the season. The purple edges on the wings are pigment accumulated over the winter months. Later broods usually have yellow edges.

  8. Fairy Moth

    ADELIDAE family
    I don't know the life history of this tiny moth, but its long antenna must have an interesting tale to tell.

  9. Gulf Fritillary

    Agraulis vanillae

  10. Gulf Fritillary

    Agraulis vanillae
    This Gulf Fritillary is melanistic which means that it has more black pigmentation than a normal individual. It is the oppositie of albinism which is the lack of this pigmentation. Melanism may be caused by genetic or environmental conditions.

  11. Eight-spotted Forester Moth

    Alypia octomaculata

  12. American Lady Caterpillar

  13. American Lady

    Vanessa virginiensis

  14. American Lady

    Vanessa virginiensis

  15. American Snout Caterpillar

  16. American Snout

    Libytheana carinenta
    Note the long snout of this butterfly. American Snouts often land on people because they love to drink sweat.

  17. American Snout

    Libytheana carinenta

  18. Walnut Sphinx Moth

    Amorpha juglandis

  19. Nessus Sphinx Moth

    Amphion floridensis

  20. Spiny Oakworm Moth

    Anisota stigma
    This female Spiny Oakworm Moth was laying eggs for at least half an hour.

  21. Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar

    Antheraea polyphemus