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  1. Water Lilies in a Pond

    Cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) line the margin of a pond covered by water lilies.

  2. Florida Royal Palm

    Roystonea regia
    Some consider the Florida Royal Palm to be a separate species from the Cuban Royal Palm, but most experts say there are not enough differences between the two groups to separate them. Ironically a majority of the Royal Palms planted in south Florida landscapes were imported from Cuba since it was easier to transport them by boat than overland from the Florida swamps.

  3. Scrub Palmetto

    Sabal etonia
    As its common name denotes, the Scrub Palmetto is restricted to scrub habitats. it is easily distinguishable from other palmettos by its habitat and by its stem being buried in the sand.

  4. Scrub Palmetto

    Sabal etonia

  5. Saw Palmetto Berries

    Serenoa repens

  6. Saw Palmetto burned by fire

    Serenoa repens