1. Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

    Antheraea polyphemus

  2. Polyphemus Moth

    Antheraea polyphemus

  3. Polyphemus Moth

    Antheraea polyphemus

  4. Polyphemus Moth

    Antheraea polyphemus

  5. Solitary Digger Bee

    Anthophora sp.

  6. Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve

  7. Apalachicola National Forest Rarities

  8. Apalachicola National Forest Rarities

  9. Florida Softshell Turtle

    Apalone ferox

  10. Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell Turtle

    Apalone spinifera aspera

  11. Spotted Apatelodes Moth Caterpillar

    Apatelodes torrefacta

  12. Spotted Apatelodes Moth Caterpillar

    Apatelodes torrefacta
    The color of the Spotted Apatelodes Moth caterpillar can range from white to bright yellow. Note the bright red prolegs.

  13. Spotted Apatelodes Moth Caterpillar

    Apatelodes torrefacta
    The bright red prolegs are a quick giveaway that this is a Spotted Apatelodes moth caterpillar.

  14. Groundnut

    Apios americana

  15. Western Honeybee

    Apis mellifera
    An exotic bee, now found in every state including Hawaii and Alaska, the Honeybee could be a potential pollinator of Largeleaf Grass of Parnassas (Parnassia grandifolia), an endangered speices in Florida.

  16. Indianhemp

    Apocynum cannabinum

  17. Indianhemp

    Apocynum cannabinum

  18. Appalachian Brown

    Satyrodes appalachia

  19. Nodding Nixie

    Apteria aphylla

  20. Nodding Nixie

    Apteria aphylla

  21. Wild Columbine

    Aquilegia canadensis
    This Wild Columbine is lit by some dappled sunlight.