1. Peppervine

    Ampelopsis arborea

  2. American Hogpeanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata

  3. American Hogpeanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata
    This vine is one of the host plants of the Golden Banded-skipper.

  4. Nessus Sphinx Moth

    Amphion floridensis

  5. Fringed Bluestar

    Amsonia ciliata

  6. Eastern Bluestar

    Amsonia tabernaemontana

  7. Twinflagged Jumper

    Anasaitis canosa

  8. Oak Toad

    Anaxyrus quercicus

  9. Frowning Toad

    Anaxyrus sp.

  10. Southern Toad

    Anaxyrus terrestris

  11. Panorama of Andersonville National Cemetery

  12. Roundleaf Liverleaf

    Anemone americana

  13. Tenpetal Thimbleweed

    Anemone berlandieri

  14. Tenpetal Thimbleweed

    Anemone berlandieri
    This is also known as the Carolina Anemone.

  15. Coastalplain Angelica

    Angelica dentata

  16. Hairy Angelica

    Angelica venenosa

  17. Spiny Oakworm Moth

    Anisota stigma
    This female Spiny Oakworm Moth was laying eggs for at least half an hour.

  18. Green Anole with insect

    Anolis carolinensis
    This Green Anole is munching on an insect.

  19. Green Anole

    Anolis carolinensis
    Male is displaying its throat to claim its territory.

  20. Purple Silkyscale

    Anthaenantia rufa

  21. Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar

    Antheraea polyphemus