1. Florida Skullcap

  2. Florida White

    Appias drusilla

  3. Florida's Amazing Carnivorous Plants: Their Natural History

  4. Flower Longhorn Beetle

    This Longhorn Beetle is on Sandhill Milkweed (Asclepias humistrata)

  5. Flying Squirrel

    Flying squirrel

  6. Godfrey's Swampprivet

    Forestiera godfreyi

  7. Godfrey's Swampprivet Fruits

    Forestiera godfreyi

  8. Godfrey's Swampprivet

    Forestiera godfreyi
    The beauty of these privet flowers cannot be truly appreciated until they are seen up close.

  9. Upland Swampprivet

    Forestiera ligustrina
    Tthis privet blooms in late summer while our other privets bloom in the spring.

  10. Upland Swampprivet Flowers

    Forestiera ligustrina

  11. Fossil Shells

    These shells are a reminder that this land was once under an ocean.

  12. Dwarf Witchalder

    Fothergilla gardenii

  13. Virginia Strawberry

    Fragaria virginiana

  14. Fringed Bluestar

  15. Fringed Catchfly

  16. Cottonweed

    Froelichia floridana

  17. Bowl and Doily Spider

    Frontinella communis

  18. Frosted Elfin Caterpillar

    Frosted Elfin caterpillars seem to prefer to eat the flowers of its host plant, Sundal Lupine (Lupinus perennis).

  19. Frosted Elfin Egg

    The Frosted Elfin lays its eggs only on the Sundail Lupine (Lupinus perennis).

  20. Frosted Elfin

    Callophrys irus
    This Frosted Elfin is preparing to lay eggs on the Sundial Lupine Lupinus perennis, its host plant.

  21. Southern Umbrellasedge

    Fuirena scirpoidea