1. American Lady

    Vanessa virginiensis

  2. American Lady

    Vanessa virginiensis

  3. American Snout Caterpillar

  4. American Snout

    Libytheana carinenta
    Note the long snout of this butterfly. American Snouts often land on people because they love to drink sweat.

  5. American Snout

    Libytheana carinenta

  6. American Squawroot

    Conopholis americana

  7. American White Waterlily

  8. Flypoison

    Amianthium muscaetoxicum

  9. Scarlet Ammannia

    Ammannia coccinea

  10. Common Thread-waisted Wasp

    Ammophila procera

  11. Miami Leadplant

    Amorpha herbacea var. crenulata

  12. Walnut Sphinx Moth

    Amorpha juglandis

  13. Peppervine

    Ampelopsis arborea

  14. Peppervine

    Ampelopsis arborea

  15. American Hogpeanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata

  16. American Hogpeanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata
    This vine is one of the host plants of the Golden Banded-skipper.

  17. Nessus Sphinx Moth

    Amphion floridensis

  18. Fringed Bluestar

    Amsonia ciliata

  19. Twinflagged Jumper

    Anasaitis canosa

  20. Oak Toad

    Anaxyrus quercicus

  21. Frowning Toad

    Anaxyrus sp.