1. Marsh Gentian

    Eustoma exaltatum

  2. Marsh Gentian

    Eustoma exaltatum

  3. Slender Flattop Goldenrod

    Euthamia caroliniana

  4. Flattop Goldenrod

    Euthamia graminifolia

  5. Silver Dwarf Morning Glory

    Evolvulus sericeus

  6. Pitcherplant Moth

    Exyra fax

  7. Pitcherplant Moth

    Exyra ridingsii

  8. Pitcherplant Moth

    Exyra semicrocea

  9. Pitcherplant Moth Cocoon

    Exyra sp.

  10. Pitcherplant Moth Caterpillar

    Exyra sp.

  11. Pitcherplant Moth Caterpillar

    Exyra sp.
    The Pitcherplant Moth caterpillar is found inside pitcherplants. This one is in the flower of the yellow pitcherplant (Sarracenia flava).

  12. North Florida's Fabulous Butterflies

  13. North Florida's Fabulous Skippers

  14. American Beech

    Fagus grandifolia
    This is the male flower.

  15. Fairy Mushrooms

  16. False Foxglove

    False Foxglove (Agalinis sp.) is most spectacular in areas that have been recently burned.

  17. Panorama of False Foxglove

    View the panorama.
    This glorious expanse of False Foxglove (Agalinis sp.) covered several acres of a savanna along a roadside in the Apalachicola National Forest.

  18. Eastern Mud Snake

    Farancia abacura abacura

  19. Feay's Palafox

  20. Female Cloudless Sulphur

    Phoebis sennae

  21. Falcatte Orangetip

    This female Falcate Orangetip butterfly is wafting her pherenome perfume toward a male.