1. Incised Agrimony

    Agrimonia incisa

  2. Incised Agrimony Seed Capsuless

    Agrimonia incisa

  3. Incised Agrimony

    Agrimonia incisa

  4. Incised Agrimony

    Agrimonia incisa

  5. Incised Agrimony Seed Capsule

    Agrimonia incisa

  6. Smallfruit Agrimony

    Agrimonia microcarpa

  7. Alabama Croton

    Croton alabamensis

  8. Alabama Snow-wreath

    Neviusia alabamensis

  9. Golden Colicroot

    Aletris aurea

  10. Yellow Colicroot

    Aletris lutea

  11. Yellow Colicroot

    Aletris lutea

  12. Southern Colicroot

    Aletris obovata

  13. Southern Colicroot

    Aletris obovata

  14. Cross between Yellow and Southern Colicroot

    Aletris x tottenii (A. lutea x A. obovata)

  15. Tungoil Tree

    Aleurites fordii

  16. Meadow Garlic

    Allium canadense var. canadense

  17. Meadow Garlic

    Allium canadense var. mobilense

  18. Hazel Alder Catkins and Cones

    Alnus serrulata

  19. Alum Bluff

    This is a view of the Apalachicola River from Alum Bluff which rises about 140 feet above the river. One of the highest points along the river, Alum Bluff is 172.5 feet above sea level. You can see this view by hiking the Garden of Eden Trail at the Nature Conservancy's Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve located near Bristol, Florida.

  20. Alumroot

    Heuchera americana

  21. Eight-spotted Forester Moth

    Alypia octomaculata