1. Post-burn Datana Caterpillar

    Datana ranaeceps

  2. Swamp Loosestrife

    Decodon verticillatus

  3. Swamp Loosestrife

    Decodon verticillatus

  4. Florida Chicken Turtle

    Deirochelys reticularia chrysea

  5. Delaware Skipper

    Anatrytone logan

  6. Carolina Larkspur

    Delphinium carolinianum

  7. Ghost Orchid

    Dendrophylax lindenii
    I had the privilege of seeing this Ghost Orchid growing on a Royal Palm in the Fakahatchee Strand in south Florida. The locations of Ghost Orchids and other orchids are kept as quiet as possible in order to protect them from unscrupulous collectors.

  8. Dense Gayfeathers

    Liatris spicata

  9. American Dog Tick

    Dermacentor variabilis
    This tick was crawling on a hiking companion's sweater. I wouldn't let her brush off the tick until I took this photo.

  10. Florida Ticktrefoil

    Desmodium floridanum

  11. Northern Ringneck Snake

    Diadophis punctatus edwardsii

  12. Southern Ringneck Snake

    Diadophis punctatus punctatus

  13. Christman's Mint

    Dicerandra christmanii

  14. Christman's Mint

    Dicerandra christmanii

  15. Robin's Mint

    Dicerandra cornutissima

  16. Robin's Mint

    Dicerandra cornutissima

  17. Florida Balm

    Dicerandra densiflora

  18. Scrub Balm

    Dicerandra frutescens

  19. Smoky Balm

    Dicerandra fumella

  20. Smoky Balm

    Dicerandra fumella
    The colors of the flowers can vary from very dark pink to almost entirely white.

  21. Smoky Balm

    Dicerandra fumella