1. Cutleaf Toothcup

    Cardamine concatenata

  2. Cutleaf Toothcup

    Cardamine concatenata
    This is the host plant of the Falcate Orangetip butterfly.

  3. "Face" on hind end of Torreya Trap-door Spider

    Cyclocosmia torreya

  4. Torreya Trap-door Spider

    Cyclocosmia torreya

  5. Torreya Trap-door Spider

    Cyclocosmia torreya

  6. Humped Trashline Orb Weaver Spider

    Cyclosa turbinata

  7. Gulf Coast Swallowwort

    Cynanchum angustifolium
    This species of Swallowwort, a member of the milkweed family, can be identified by its long flower stalks and notches on its inner petals.

  8. Wild Comfrey

    Cynoglossum virginianum

  9. Wild Comfrey

    Cynoglossum virginianum

  10. Beachstar

    Cyperus pedunculatus

  11. Cypress under the Moon

    This lone bald cypress was lit by the evening sun and early moonrise.

  12. Cowhorn Orchid

    Cyrtopodium punctatum

  13. Cowhorn Orchid

    Cyrtopodium punctatum

  14. Fan-shaped Jelly Fungus

    Dacryopinax spathularia

  15. Dainty Sulphur

    Nathalis iole

  16. Feay's Prairieclover

    Dalea feayi

  17. Summer Farewell

    Dalea pinnata

  18. Summer Farewell

    Dalea pinnata

  19. Whitetassels

    Dalea sp.

  20. Azalea Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

    Darapsa choerilus

  21. Azalea Caterpillars

    Datana major
    A pest of azaleas, these caterpillars become moths known as Major Datana.