1. Chipola Coreopsis

    Coreopsis integrifolia
    The flower is named after the Chipola River along which it is found. This beautiful Coreopsis is also known as Fringeleaf Dyeflower because of cilia found on the leaf margins. Someone made the accurate observation that leaves feel like the plastic in plastic cups!

  2. Swamp Coreopsis

    Coreopsis nudata

  3. Pagoda Dogwood

    Cornus alternifolia

  4. Flowering Dogwood Flowers

    Cornus florida

  5. Flowering Dogwood Berries

    Cornus florida

  6. Flowering Dogwood

    Cornus florida
    The white petals of the dogwood "flower" are actually bracts that surround the real flowers which are located in the green center.

  7. Swamp Dogwood

    Cornus foemina

  8. Yellow Fumewort Leaf

    Corydalis flavula

  9. Yellow Fumewort

    Corydalis flavula

  10. Scarlet-bodied Wasp Moth

    Cosmosoma myrodora

  11. Courting Falcatte Orangetips

    The male Falcate Orangetip butterfly approaches the female.

  12. Parsley Hawthron

    Crataegus marshallii
    Hawthorns can be a wonderful addition to the landscape, especially when the red berries appear in the fall. More importantly, the fruits are a good wildlife food.

  13. Michaux's Hawthorn

    Crataegus michauxii

  14. Michaux's Hawthorn

    Crataegus michauxii

  15. Washington Hawthorn

    Crataegus phaenopyrum

  16. Panorama of Mountain Laurels on Creek

    View the panorama.
    Mountain laurels (Kalmia latifolia) and Florida Flame Azaleas (Rhododendron austrinum) overhang a sandy bottom creek on private property.

  17. Crested Yellow Orchid

  18. Crested Yellow Orchid

  19. Crinum Lily

    Crinum americanum

  20. Croomia

    Croomia pauciflora

  21. Croomia

    Croomia pauciflora