1. Scorpion

    Centruroides sp.

  2. Common Buttonbush

    Cephalanthus occidentalis

  3. Coral Slime Mold

    Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa

  4. Catalpa Worm

    Ceratomia catalpae

    Although called a worm, it really is the caterpillar stage of the Catalpa Sphinx Moth.

  5. Male Ceraunus Blue

    Hemiargus ceraunus
    You can see the beautiful blue on this male with open wings.

  6. Ceraunus Blue

    Hemiargus ceraunus

  7. Redbud

    Cercis canadensis

  8. Redbud

    Cercis canadensis

  9. Partridge Pea

    Chamaecrista fasciculata

  10. Key Cassia

    Chamaecrista lineata var. keyensis

  11. Partridge Pea

    Chamaecrista sp.

  12. Atlantic White Cedar

    Chamaecyparis thyoides

  13. Fairywand

    Chamaelirium luteum

  14. Fairywand

    Chamaelirium luteum

  15. Female Fairywand

    Chamaelirium luteum

  16. Wedge Sandmat

    Chamaesyce deltoidea ssp. deltoidea
    Notice the limestone in which it is growing, an indicator of the rocky pinelands habitat of Dade and Monroe counties to which it is restricted.

  17. Graceful Sandmat

    Chamaesyce hypericifolia

  18. Chapman's Fringed Orchid

  19. Chapman's Fringed Orchid

  20. Chapman's Fringed Orchid

  21. Chapman's Fringed Orchid