1. Brooksville Bellflower

    Campanula robinsiae
    This extremely tiny and rare Bellflower is being raised at Bok Tower Gardens in an effort to secure the population's future.

  2. Banana-of-the-Everglades

    Canna flaccida

  3. Shepherd's Purse

    Capsella bursa-pastoris

  4. Spring Cress

    Cardamine bulbosa

  5. Hairy Bittercress

    Cardamine hirsuta

  6. Pennsylvania Bittercress

    Cardamine pensylvatica

  7. Cardinalflower

  8. Baltzell's Sedge

    Carex baltzellii

  9. Lined Sedge

    Carex striatula

  10. Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada

    Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada
    by Donald E. Schnell
    Timber Press, Inc., 2002
    ISBN 0881925403

  11. Carnivorous Plants of the Southeast

  12. Carolina Satyr Egg

  13. Carolina Satyr

    Hermeuptychia sosybius

  14. Carolina Satyr

    Hermeuptychia sosybius

  15. Vanillaleaf

    Carphephorus odoratissimus
    The basal leaves, when dried, have a vanilla scent.

  16. Hairy Chaffhead

    Carphephorus paniculatus

  17. Bristleleaf Chaffhead

    Carphephorus pseudoliatris

  18. American Hornbeam

    Carpinus caroliniana

  19. American Hornbeam

    Carpinus caroliniana
    The brownish papery "leaves" are actually papery bracts surrounding the tree's fruits. the American Hornbeam is also called Musclewood because you can feel sinews when you slide your hand down its smooth trunk.

  20. Wild Olive

    Cartrema floridana

  21. Pignut Hickory

    Carya glabra