1. Nuttall's Rayless Goldenrod

    Bigelowia nuttallii

  2. Florida Lady's Nightcap

    Bonamia grandiflora

  3. Florida Lady's Nightcap

    Bonamia grandiflora

  4. Smooth Strongbark

    Bourreria cassinifolia

  5. Bahama Strongbark

    Bourreria succulenta

  6. Bahama Strongbark

    Bourreria succulenta

  7. Flyr's Nemesis

    Brickellia cordifolia

  8. Flyr's Nemesis

    Brickellia cordifolia

  9. Georgia Calamint

    Calamintha georgiana

  10. Poppy Mallow

    Callirhoe papaver

  11. Many-flowered Grasspink Orchid

    Calopogon multiflorus

  12. Bartram's Ixia

    Calydorea caelestina

  13. Catesby's False Bindweed

    Calystegia catesbeiana

  14. Brooksville Bellflower

    Campanula robinsiae
    This extremely tiny and rare Bellflower is being raised at Bok Tower Gardens in an effort to secure the population's future.

  15. Smallflower Lilythorn

    Catesbaea parviflora

  16. Wedge Sandmat

    Chamaesyce deltoidea ssp. deltoidea
    Notice the limestone in which it is growing, an indicator of the rocky pinelands habitat of Dade and Monroe counties to which it is restricted.

  17. Pygmy Fringetree

    Chionanthus pygmaeus

  18. Cape Sable Thoroughwort

    Chromolaena frustrata

  19. Florida Goldenaster

    Chrysopsis floridana

  20. Florida Goldenaster

    Chrysopsis floridana

  21. Sweet-scented Pigeonwings

    Clitoria fragrans