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The Lawn Paradox: The Opposite of Green Living

The “Lawn”This is the sterile environment that existed in 2002 when we moved into the house.

We live on a street in a rural community which probably resembles most towns in the United States where most of the yards resemble square patches of solid green grass with not much else, not even trees. On the weekends and in the cool of the evenings or mornings, the homeowners or their gardeners venture out with their noisy beasts that belch fumes of gas to spend their precious time to mow their expanse of grass.

When giving directions to our house, we tell visitors, “Just look for the only house with trees in its yard.” I know that our neighbors look at our yard full of weeds and unruly shrubs with disbelief, thinking why don’t we “clean up” our messy yard. Instead of having to mow several times a week, we only have to mow occasionally. We use our gained time to enjoy observing nature in our own yard. Every time we go outside, we see hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and other insects foraging on the native species that we allow to exist. It is rare that we don't see something interesting in our yard when we go outside. In fact, many of the photos on this website were taken in our back yard.

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