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Wild Orchids of Florida

Wild Orchids of Florida
Wild Orchids of Florida
by Paul Martin Brown
University Press of Florida, 2006
ISBN 0813029333

Wild Orchids of Florida by Paul Martin Brown is the first real field guide of Florida's native orchids. This guide discusses the 118 species of orchids found in Florida, with 106 of these being native to the state. These 118 species represent over one half of the known species to be found in the United States and Canada.

A historical overview of Luer's monumental 1972 work, Native Orchids of Florida, is provided and includes corrections, name changes, and other synonyms. Range maps where vouchered specimens for each county are included. Keys to each genus and a checklist for native and naturalized species are also included.

Brown gives a taste of where to look for many species at least these two areas in north Florida, the coastal plain, and scrub habitats.

The descriptions through taxonomic keys helps to identify most genera down to a species. Photographs and drawings by Stan Folsum are included for each species.

My only complaint is that the illustrations should include major characteristics of troublesome species. Otherwise, this is one book that I would not leave at home when botanizing throughout the state of Florida and the flexicover should last for years.