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Grasshoppers of Florida

Grasshoppers of Florida
Grasshoppers of Florida
by John L Capinera, Clay Whitney Scherer,
and Jason Squitier
University Press of Florida, 2002
ISBN 0813024269

It is a pleasure to see a book finally coming out that deals with one of the more commonly seen group of insects in Florida–the grasshoppers. In the past, there was no way to identify those species that one would encounter hopping and jumping about without delving into more technical literature.

Authors John l. Capinera, Clay Whitney Scherer and Jason Squitier do not cover all the grasshopper species found in the state, but do describe seventy of the more common species of the family Acrididae. All species are thoroughly described for both males and females, and include accurate photographs and illustrations. Each species is compared with similar look-a-likes and range maps show the distribution throughout the state. Twenty-two species are found only in Florida or adjacent states and the remaining forty-eight are distributed in the Southeast and further north.

A checklist for all species is provided in this flexicover volume.

Anyone, amateur or scientist, who aspires to be an entomologist will enjoy the utility of the Grasshoppers of Florida.