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Heaven and earth are threads of one loom. June Sprigg, By Shaker Hands

  1. Slickseed Fuzzybean

    Strophostyles leiosperma

  2. Showy Dawnflower

    Stylisma abdita

  3. Aquatic Dawnflower

    Stylisma aquatica

  4. Sprawling Hoarypea

    Tephrosia hispidula

  5. Eastern Poison Ivy

    Toxicodendron radicans

  6. Poison Ivy

    Toxicodendron radicans

  7. Heartleaf Noseburn

    Tragia cordata

  8. Grape Leaf in Fall Color

    Vitis rotundifolia

  9. American Wisteria

    Wisteria frutescens
    The flowers of the native American Wisteria are usually wider and shorter than the elongated flowers of the invasive Japanese and Chinese Wisteria vines.