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Heaven and earth are threads of one loom. June Sprigg, By Shaker Hands

  1. Peppervine

    Ampelopsis arborea

  2. Peppervine

    Ampelopsis arborea

  3. American Hogpeanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata

  4. American Hogpeanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata
    This vine is one of the host plants of the Golden Banded-skipper.

  5. Groundnut

    Apios americana

  6. Virginia Snakeroot

    Aristolochia serpentaria

  7. Woolly Dutchman's Pipe

    Aristolochia tomentosa

  8. Rattan Vine

    Berchemia scandens

  9. Crossvine

    Bignonia capreolata

  10. Crossvine

    Bignonia capreolata

  11. Florida Lady's Nightcap

    Bonamia grandiflora

  12. Florida Lady's Nightcap

    Bonamia grandiflora

  13. American Buckwheatvine

    Brunnichia ovata

  14. Catesby's False Bindweed

    Calystegia catesbeiana

  15. Hedge False Bindweed

    Calystegia sepium

  16. Faux Persil

    Cardiospermum corindum

  17. Faux Persil

    Cardiospermum corindum

  18. Faux Persil

    Cardiospermum corindum

  19. Faux Persil

    Cardiospermum corindum

  20. Spurred Butterfly Pea

    Centrosema virginianum

  21. Spurred Butterfly Pea

    Centrosema virginianum

  22. Spurred Butterfly Pea

    Centrosema virginianum

  23. Swamp Leather-flower

    Clematis crispa
    I never realized that the petals of this Clematis resembled a Maltese cross until I viewed the flower from below.

  24. Whiteleaf Leather-flwoer

    Clematis glaucophylla

  25. Netleaf Leather-flower

    Clematis reticulata

  26. Sweet Autumn Virginsbower

    Clematis terniflora
    Not native.

  27. Sweet Autumn Virginsbower

    Clematis terniflora
    Not native.

  28. Sweet-scented Pigeonwings

    Clitoria fragrans

  29. Sweet-scented Pigeonwings

    Clitoria fragrans

  30. Atlantic Pigeonwings

    Clitoria mariana

  31. Carolina Coralbead

    Cocculus carolinus

  32. Carolina Coralbead

    Cocculus carolinus

  33. Saw Greenbrier

    Smilax bona-nox

  34. Okeechobee Gourd

    Cucurbita okeechobeensis

  35. Dodder

    Cuscuta sp.
    The orange color of this parasitic vine can be easily spotted in green vegetation that it is encroaching.

  36. Dodder

    Cuscuta sp.

  37. Gulf Coast Swallowwort

    Cynanchum angustifolium
    This species of Swallowwort, a member of the milkweed family, can be identified by its long flower stalks and notches on its inner petals.

  38. Florida Ticktrefoil

    Desmodium floridanum

  39. Silver Dwarf Morning Glory

    Evolvulus sericeus

  40. Swamp Jessamine

    Gelsemium rankinii
    This Jessamine grows in boggy and swampy areas whereas its cousin, the Carolina Jessamine, grows in drier uplands. Swamp Jessamine flowers also have a light fragrance.

  41. Carolina Jessamine

    Gelsemium sempervirens

  42. Carolina Jessamine

    Gelsemium sempervirens
    This native vine has been widely adopted by homeowners because of its early-blooming bright yellow flowers and evergreen leaves.

  43. Angle Pod

    Gonolobus suberosus

  44. Angle Pod Fruit

    Gonolobus suberosus
    The Angle Pod vine used to be in the Matelea genus with the Alabama Spiny Pod (Matelea alabamensis), Yellow-flowered Spiny Pod (M. flavidula), and Baldwin's Spiny Pod (M. baldwyniana), but was separated from them because it has a smooth pod instead of a spiny pod.

  45. Angle Pod

    Gonolobus suberosus

  46. Tievine

    Ipomoea cordatotriloba

  47. Scarletcreeper

    Ipomoea hederifolia

  48. Beach Morning Glory

    Ipomoea imperati

  49. Whitestar

    Ipomoea lacunosa

  50. Largeroot Morning Glory

    Ipomoea macrorhiza

  51. Tall Morning-Glory

    Ipomoea purpurea

  52. Cypressvine

    Ipomoea quamoclit

  53. Saltmarsh Morning Glory

    Ipomoea sagittata

  54. Curtiss' Clustervine

    Jacquemontia curtissii

  55. Skyblue Clustervine

    Jacquemontia pentathos

  56. Beach Clustervine

    Jacquemontia reclinata

  57. Hairy Clustervine

    Jacquemontia tamnifolia

  58. Coral Honeysuckle

    Lonicera sempervirens

  59. Alabama Spinypod

    Matelea alabamensis

  60. Baldwin's Spinypod

    Matelea baldwyniana

  61. Baldwin's Spinypod

    Matelea baldwyniana

  62. Yellow-flowered Spinypod

    Matelea flavidula

  63. Florida Spinypod

    Matelea floridana

  64. Trailing Milkvine

    Matelea pubiflora

  65. Pearl Milkvine

    Matelea reticulata
    This was a contest winner.

  66. Burr Clover

    Medicago polymorpha

  67. Creeping Cucumber

    Melothria pendula

  68. Creeping Cucumber

    Melothria pendula

  69. Creeping Cucumber

    Melothria pendula

  70. Hempvine

    Mikania scandens

  71. Climbing Hempvine

    Mikania scandens

  72. Sensitive Brier

    Mimosa quadrivalvis var. angusata

  73. Sensitive Brier

    Mimosa quadrivalvis var. angusata

  74. Powderpuff

    Mimosa strigillosa

  75. Tropical puff

    Neptunia pubescens

  76. White Form of Tropical Puff

    Neptunia pubescens
    Most flowers occasionally have white forms. The flowers of this vine are usually yellow.

  77. Purple Passionflowers

    Passiflora incarnata

  78. Purple Passionflower

    Passiflora incarnata

  79. Yellow Passionflower

    Passiflora lutea

  80. Wild Allamanda

    Pentalinon luteum

  81. Sand Blackberry

    Rubus cuneifolius

  82. Southern Dewberry

    Rubus trivialis
    Dewberries usually refer to blackberries that have vines that sprawl across the ground rather than climb.

  83. Bay Starvine Flower

    Schisandra glabra

  84. Bay Starvine Flower

    Schisandra glabra

  85. Earleaf Greenbrier

    Smilax auriculata

  86. Earleaf Greenbirar

    Smilax auriculata

  87. Upright Carrionflower

    Smilax ecirrhata
    Unlike most Smilax species, this plant does not have a vining habit or any tendrils.

  88. Wild Sarsaparilla

    Smilax glauca

  89. Blueridge Carrionflower

    Smilax lasioneuron

  90. Female Flowers of Laurel Greenbrier

    Smilax laurifolia

  91. Male Flowers of Laurel Greenbrier

    Smilax laurifolia

  92. Laurel Greenbriar

    Smilax laurifolia

  93. Sarsaparilla flowers

    Smilax pumila

  94. Sarsaparilla Vine

    Smilax pumila

  95. Roundleaf Greenbrier

    Smilax rotundifolia

  96. Jackson Vine

    Smilax smallii

  97. Greenbrier

    Smilax sp.

  98. Trailing Fuzzybean Flower

    Strophostyles helvola

  99. Trailing Fuzzybean

    Strophostyles helvola