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Butterfly and Skipper Chrysalides

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. Anonymous

  1. Arogos Skipper Chrysalis

    I consider myself fortunate to have seen the Arogos Skipper adults and this chrysalis. It is seen in only a very few sites in Florida.

  2. Atala Chrysalides

  3. Atala Chrysalides

  4. Atala Chrysalis

  5. Black Swallowtail Chrysalis

  6. Buckeye Chrysalis

  7. Clouded Skipper Chrysalis

    This Clouded Skipper chrysalis is rolled up in one of its host plants, Wood Oats (Chasmantium sp.).

  8. Cloudless Sulphur Chrysalis

    The chrysalis of the Cloudless sulphur can be either pink or green.

  9. Cloudless Sulphur Chrysalis

    The chrysalis of the Cloudless Sulphur can be either pink or green.

  10. Giant Swallowtail Chrysalis

  11. Gulf Fritillary Chrysalis

  12. Hackberry Emperor Chrysalis

  13. Harvester Chrysalis

    The Harvester chrysalis has an uncanny resemblance to a dog's or monkey's head.

  14. Malachite Chrysalis

  15. Miami Blue Chrysalis

    Two Miami Blue chrysalides rest in the hand of a researcher who is raising them in captivity. This south Florida species is in peril due to loss of habitat.

  16. Monarch Chrysalis

    When a monarch butterfly is about to emerge from its chrysalis, it will become translucent and immediately before the emergence, it will be so clear that you can see the butterfly inside.

  17. Monarch Chrysalis

    View a video of a monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

  18. Monarch Chrysalis

  19. Pearl Crescent Chrysalis

  20. Pipevine Swallowtail Chrysalis

  21. Red Admiral Chrysalis