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Upon a twig
I sit and pray
For something big
To wend my way;
A caterpillar, moth, or bee—
I swallow them religiously.Douglas Florian, The Praying Mantis, Insectlopedia

  1. Carolina Mantis

    Stagmomantis carolina
    Here's Looking at You! The praying mantis was perched on a branch and I went under the motionless mantis while it was "praying."

  2. Praying Mantis eating Gulf Fritillary

    Stagmomantis carolina
    We witnessed this Carolina Mantis capture this unsuspecting Gulf Fritillary when it went to nectar on the pickerelweed.

  3. Carolina Mantis on Pitcherplant

    Stagmomantis carolina
    A praying mantis on a yellow trumpet pitcherplant was an unexpected sight in a pitcherplant savannah.

  4. Praying Mantis eating Dragonfly

  5. Carolina Mantis Eggcase

    Stagmomantis carolina

  6. Grizzled Mantis

    Gonatista grisea
    Grizzled means sprinkled or streaked with gray which this mantid certainly is.

  7. Common Walkingstick

  8. Common Walkingstick

    If this walkingstick had not moved, I doubt we would have seen it!

  9. Two-Striped Walkingstick

    Anisomorpha buprestoides

  10. Mating Two-Striped Walkingsticks

    Anisomorpha buprestoides