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Invasive Plants

The seeds of cruelty, that since have swell’d
To such gigantic and enormous growth,
Were sown in human nature's fruitful soil. William Cowper (1731-1800), The Winter Walk at Noon in Poetical Works

  1. Tungoil Tree

    Aleurites fordii

  2. Coral Ardisia

    Ardisia crenata

  3. Madagascar Periwinkle

    Catharanthus roseus

  4. Camphortree

    Cinnamomum camphora

  5. Camphortree Flowers

    Cinnamomum camphora

  6. Cogongrass

    Imperata cylindrica

  7. Lantana

    Lantana camara

  8. Japanese Honeysuckle

    Lonicera japonica

  9. Japanese Climbing Fern

    Lygodium japonicum

  10. Japanese Climbing Fern

    Lygodium japonicum

  11. Heavely Bamboo

    Nandina domestica

  12. Princesstree

    Paulownia tomentosa

  13. Princesstree

    Paulownia tomentosa

  14. Chinese Ladder Brake Fern

    Pteris vittata

  15. Chinese Ladder Brake Fern Spores

    Pteris vittata

  16. Kudzu

    Pueraria montana

  17. Rattlebox

    Sesbania punicea

  18. Popcorntree

    Triadica sebifera

  19. Popcorntree

    Triadica sebifera

  20. Chinese Wisteria

    Wisteria sinensis
    Although this is a beautiful vine, both Chinese and Japanese wisterias are invasive when they escape into the wild. Consider planting the equally beautiful non-invasive native American Wisteria.