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Grasses and Sedges

We say of the oak, ‘How grand of girth!’ Of the willow we say, ‘How slender!’ And yet to the soft grass clothing the earth How slight is the praise we render. Edgar Fawcett (1847-1904), The Grass

  1. Purple Silkyscale

    Anthaenantia rufa

  2. Baltzell's Sedge

    Carex baltzellii

  3. Lined Sedge

    Carex striatula

  4. Toothachegrass

    Ctenium aromaticum
    As Tooachegrass dries out, its seedhead forms a spiral.

  5. Toothachegrass

    Ctenium aromaticum
    Toothachegrass is so named because chewing on the plant's root makes your gums feel numb.

  6. Toothachegrass

    Ctenium aromaticum

  7. Florida Toothachegrass

    Ctenium floridanum

  8. Beachstar

    Cyperus pedunculatus

  9. Southern Umbrellasedge

    Fuirena scirpoidea

  10. Muhly Grass

    Muhlenbergia sp.

  11. Florida Paspalum

    Paspalum floridanum

  12. Starrush Whitetop

    Rhynchospora latifolia

  13. Lopsided Indiangrass

    Sorghastrum secundum

  14. Fakahatchee Grass

    Tripsacum dactyloides

  15. Fakahatchee Grass

    Tripsacum dactyloides

  16. Seaoats

    Uniola paniculata