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A fallen blossom returning to the bough, I thought―But no, a butterfly.Arakida Moritake, Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology

  1. 'Sweadner's' Juniper Hairstreak

    Callophrys gryneus sweadneri

  2. American Snout

    Libytheana carinenta
    Note the long snout of this butterfly. American Snouts often land on people because they love to drink sweat.

  3. American Snout

    Libytheana carinenta

  4. Atala

    Eumaeus atala

  5. Banded Hairstreak

    Satyrium calanus

  6. Bartram's Scrub-hairstreak

    Strymon acis
    This female Scrub-hairstreak just laid the egg seen in the photo on her host plant, Pineland Croton (Croton linearis.

  7. Brown Elfin

    Callophrys augustinus

  8. Cassius Blue

    Leptotes cassius

  9. Ceraunus Blue

    Hemiargus ceraunus

  10. Coral Hairstreak

    Satyrium titus

  11. Eastern Pygmy-Blue

    Brephidium pseudofea

  12. Eastern Pygmy-Blue

    Brephidium pseudofea

  13. Eastern Tailed-blue

    Cupido comyntas

  14. Female Cassius Blue

    Leptotes cassius

  15. Frosted Elfin

    Callophrys irus
    This Frosted Elfin is preparing to lay eggs on the Sundial Lupine Lupinus perennis, its host plant.

  16. Fulvous Hairstreak

    Electrostrymon angelia

  17. Gray Hairstreak

    Strymon melinus

  18. Gray Hairstreak

    Strymon melinus

  19. Great Purple Hairstreak

    Atlides halesus
    This Hairstreak is one of the few butterflies that uses mistletoe as a host plant.

  20. Great Purple Hairstreak

    Atlides halesus

  21. Harvester

    Feniseca tarquinius
    This Harvester is nectaring on the aphids' honeydew.