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Ferns and Fern Allies

Green, the color of growth or surgent life enwraps the land. New green, still as individual as the plants themselves. … Hal Borland (1900-1978)

  1. Golden Leather Fern

    Acrostichum aureum

  2. Golden Leather Fern

    Acrostichum aureum

  3. Southern Maidenhair Fern

    Adiantum capillus-veneris
    This photo is looking skyward from underneath a maidenhair fern that was growing on a limestone wall along a creek.

  4. Single-sorus Spleenwort

    Asplenium monanthes

  5. Morzenti's Spleenwort Fern

    Asplenium x heteroresiliens
    Morzenti's Spleenwort Fern is a cross between A. heterochronum and A. resiliens. Notice the black stipe or stem, a characteristic of several spleenworts.

  6. Mosquito Fern

    Azolla filiculoides

  7. Southern Grape Fern

    Botrychium biternatum

  8. Winter Grape Fern

    Botrychium lunarioides
    The sporangia are the "grapes" of the Grape Fern.

  9. Winter Grape Fern

    Botrychium lunarioides

  10. Fern Fiddlehead

    This is the classic spiral of the fern fiddlehead as a new frond unfurls.

  11. Ferns in the Sunset

    This was taken in the early evening when the sun was low in the sky.

  12. Foxtail Clubmoss

    Lycopodiella alopecuroides

  13. Adder's Tongue Fern

    Ophioglossum sp.

  14. Cinnamon Fern

    Osmunda cinnamomea

  15. Golden Polypody

    Phlebodium aureum
    This epiphytic fern often grows on the bootjacks of Cabbage Palms. It is also know as Rabbit's Foot Fern because of its fuzzy or furry rhizomes.

  16. Resurrection Fern

    Pleopeltis polypodioides var. michauxiana

  17. Christmas Fern

    Polystichum acrostichoides
    One way to identify this Christmas Fern is to look for the "stocking" that is hanging from the stipe or stalk of the fern frond.

  18. Christmas Fern

    Polystichum acrostichoides

  19. Cretan Brake Fern

    Pteris cretica

  20. Sand Spike-moss

    Selaginella arenicola