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Endangered and Threatened Plants

The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired, in value. Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

  1. Britton's Beargrass

    Nolina brittoniana

  2. Florida Dancinglady Orchid

    Oncidium ensatum

  3. Semaphore Cactus

    Opuntia corallicola
    The Semaphore Cactus is extremely rare in the wild. It used to be found on hammocks in the Florida Keys and Miami.

  4. Semaphore Cactus

    Opuntia corallicola

  5. Allegheny Spurge

    Pachysandra procumbens

  6. Largeleaf Grass-of-Parnassas

    Parnassia grandifolia

  7. Largeleaf Grass-of-Parnassus

    Parnassia grandifolia

  8. Pineland False Sunflower

    Phoebanthus tenuifolius

  9. Common Ninebark

    Physocarpus opulifollius

  10. Apalachicola Dragonhead

    Physostegia godfreyi

  11. Apalachicola Dragonhead

    Physostegia godfreyi

  12. Key Tree Cactus

    Pilosocereus polygonus

  13. Fevertree

    Pinckneya bracteata

  14. Pineland False Sunflower

    Pineland False Sunflowers (Phoebanthus tenuifolius) display their glory in early summer in the Apalachicola National Forest.

  15. Pineland False Sunflower

    Phoebanthus teniufiolius

  16. Blueflower Butterwort

    Pinguicula caerulea

  17. Blueflower Butterwort

    Pinguicula caerulea

  18. Panhandle Butterwort

    Pinguicula ionantha

  19. Panhandle Butterwort

    Pinguicula ionantha

  20. Panhandle Butterwort

    Pinguicula ionantha

  21. Panhandle Butterwort

    Pinguicula ionantha