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If one could conclude as to the nature of the Creator from a study of his creation it would appear that God has a special fondness for stars and beetles. J. B. S. Haldane (1892-1964), British geneticist

  1. Banded Net-wing Beetle

    Calopteron reticulatum

  2. Fiery Searcher

    Calosoma scrutator
    This Fiery Searcher is dining on a Gulf Fritillary butterfly caterpillar.

  3. Cottonwood Leaf Beetles

    Chrysomela scripta

  4. Whitish Tiger Beetle

    Cicindela (ellipsoptera) gratiosa
    This is a mating pair of tiger beetles.

  5. Bronzed Tiger Beetle

    Cicindela repanda ssp. repanda

  6. Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

    Cicindela sexguttata
    This beetles had no interest in posing for a portrai. Read more about this Natural Encounter In Pursuit of the Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle.

  7. Blister Beetle

    Epicauta sp.

  8. Flower Longhorn Beetle

    This Longhorn Beetle is on Sandhill Milkweed (Asclepias humistrata)

  9. Palmetto Tortoise Beetle Frass

    Hemisphaerota cyanea
    Palmetto Tortoise Beetle larvae cover themselves with frass. (Frass is a polite term for insect feces). it reminds me of a bird's nest. Who would ever think there would be beauty in the frass of a beetle or any insect for that matter?

  10. Palmetto Tortoise Beetle

    Hemisphaerota cyanea
    Look for the glistening Palmetto Tortoise Beetles on the undersides of Palmetto leaves.

  11. Ladybug inside Yellow Pitcherplant Trumpet

    This ladybug beetle is clinging to the inside of a yellow pitcherplant trumpet (Sarracenia flava). We tried to get her to move toward the opening, but were unsuccessful.

  12. Ladybug Beetle Larva

  13. Lightning Bug Beetle

  14. Mating Beetles

  15. Carolina Metallic Tiger Beetle

    Megacephala carolina carolina

  16. Dung-rolling Beetle

    Melanocanthon sp.

  17. Green Dung Beetle

    Phanaeus vindex

  18. Billbug Weevil

    Sphenophorus costipennis

  19. Blister Beetle

  20. Beekiller Checkered Beetle

    Trichodes apivorus

  21. Delta Flower Beetle

    Trigonopeltastes delta
    The Delta Flower Beetle are perfectly named. You can clearly see the Greek Delta on the backs of this mating pair.