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A bee is never as busy as it seems; it's just that it can't buzz any slower. Kin Hubbard

  1. Metallic Green Bee

    Agapostemon sp.

  2. Male Metallic Green Bee

    Agapostemon splendens

  3. Solitary Digger Bee

    Anthophora sp.

  4. Western Honeybee

    Apis mellifera
    An exotic bee, now found in every state including Hawaii and Alaska, the Honeybee could be a potential pollinator of Largeleaf Grass of Parnassas (Parnassia grandifolia), an endangered speices in Florida.

  5. American Bumblebee

    Bombus pennsylvanicus

  6. Halistid Bee


  7. Sweat Bee

    Lasioglossum sp.
    This tiny bee was visiting all the flowers of Incised Agrimony (Agrimonia incisa), a threatened species in Florida.

  8. Halictid Bee


  9. Halictid Bee

    Halictus poeyi

  10. Halicitd Bee

    Lasioglossum sp.
    This tiny bee is atop the anthers of Bartram's Ixia (Calydorea caelestina)

  11. Megachilidae Bee


  12. Southern Carpenter Bee

    Xylocopa micans

  13. Female Southern Carpenter Bee

    Xylocopa micans
    Pickerelweed Pontedeira cordata is used by many pollinators as well as butterfies and skippers.

  14. Male Eastern Carpenter Bee

    Xylocopa virginica